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Friday, December 16, 2005

Never Put the Hamster In the Bath Tub

Case in point. We live in an apartment. Our child's bath has no windows. Said hamster cage was left out of the kid's shared room last night. So when Hammy decided to hit the gym...i.e. the clanking, squeeking hamster wheel...I didn't want to risk waking the kids to put it in their large walk-in closet, where he usually spends the night.

So to the bathroom Hammy went. This was a very,very bad idea. Why?...you may ask. Is it because the hamster might escape and drown? Be forgotten and then reachable by Pixietoes' curious and ever so loving death grip? No...because Sonny-Boy and I have not changed the litter in over two weeks. Hammy spent the night in a dry tub, with the door closed, curtain drawn, no windows and no ventilation of any sort.

Let it be known that the pee-pee dribble odour of a little boy's bathroom, as any boy's mom will know, is always a challenge to keep at bay, fresh and disinfected. Combine that with a two week rotten-popcorn, sweaty sock, fetid skunky-rodent-funk and the cloud of gas the burst into my nostrils when I opened the door first thing this morning was...let me say...eye-opening. Definetly NOT the best part of wakin' up.

You may ask...Did I wisk Hammy out to empty the litter and scrub down the tub? No. I closed the door and thanked my lucky stars I did not enter with the clorox spray ready. If I had the mix of ammonia and chlorine would have been a lethal vapor. Thus killing possibly me, Hammy and God knows who else.

Did I find the time to clean Hammy's cage today? No. Because shopping, watching Robots for the 144th time, and taking Pixietoes to the mall, was far more important. So the Hammy cage safely lies tonight back in the closet...the bathroom has air freshener freshening the previously toxic smell. My bathroom now is fermenting like a cheap convenient store wine, it has layers. ... it opens with a blossomy bouquet like a spring garden followed by a full-bodied, nutty spice, with a dry, oaky finish.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Welcome to Moon Mama Muses!

Hello blog readers everywhere! This is PixieMama...Welcome to my new site, by and for SAHM with eclectic interests, random ideas, philosophical musings, and mothering minutiae to share! I am so excited you have visited my site. Please browse, feel free to comment, and link with me if you'd like. I'd love to hear from you.

Please excuse my amateurish approach, as this is my first blog. I am new to the world of desktop publishing and hope to expand my knowledge, and blog design skills. Of course this is directly contingent upon the time my managers....I mean children... and impoverished funds allow.

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